Our Story

Empowerment of vulnerable communities and Search for peace!

The story of LELIV started in the early 2000s and is that of self-empowerment, family, friendship and our human network capital under the notion of “together we are stronger”. This translates into communal empowerment and a collective effort of be the spine of our families and prosperity.

The past years in the North West Region of Cameroon has been a period of uncertainty never experienced in the history of the nation. A once perceived peaceful region saw itself engulfed in socio-political instability creating an atmosphere of insecurity and desperation amongst citizens, with the vulnerable especially the girl child exposed to unwarranted harassment.

Countless cases of rape, torture and even death have been recorded. The consequences of the crisis are unbearable. It is estimated that more than 855,000 children are out of school and there looms a period of food insecurity in the near future, if immediate corrective actions are not taken.