Overview of the Organisation

Living Earth and Livelihood Common Initiative Group (LELIV CIG) is a cooperative society established under Cameroon's cooperative and common initiative group law. Based in Banten, Nkum sub-division, with operational offices in Bamenda and Mbve, Bui Division, LELIV serves the entire Southern Cameroons region.


Our mission is to empower vulnerable indigenous groups, particularly women, through advocacy, capacity-building training in community health, and organic farming practices. We prioritize select crops and medicinal plants, aiding farmers in scaling their operations and accessing urban markets.


With a focus on healthy living through quality organic foods, we provide financial support mechanisms for members' financial independence. Despite disruptions caused by socio-political crises, LELIV, in collaboration with partners, has trained over 100 farmers since 2015.


Looking ahead, we aim to scale our activities over the next five years, transitioning from subsistence to commercial farming to meet the rising demand for quality organic foodstuffs and medicinal plants.