Right Diet For Your Blood Type (Importance of Blood Types)

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Blood is a homogenous red liquid, but under the microscope, it shows itself to be composed of many different elements. You have the red blood cells (carries Oxygen), white blood cells (soldiers), for protection against infections, proteins that deliver nutrients to tissues, platelets that help the clot, and plasma that contains the guardians of our immune system.


Your blood type has always been the driving force behind human survival, changing and adapting to new conditions, environments and foods supplies. So blood types is the key to your body’s entire immune system. The immune system works to define “self” and destroy “non-self”. In other words, the immune system boils down to two basic functions: recognizing ‘us’ and killing ‘them’.


Our digestive track is a hotbed of activity. It is estimated the human digestive tract may contain up to 100trillion microorganisms, and the human gut may host up to a thousand different species of bacteria. People of different blood types have different gut bacteria.

NB: The BloodType Diet is not an attempt to superimpose a rigid formula on what you eat or rob you of your foods that are important to your culture. Rather they are a way to fully support your most basic identity to lead you to the essential truths that live in every cell of your body.


Blood Type and Weight Loss


Virtually every diet program begins with the premise that it is formulated to work for everybody. We want to dismiss or dispel once and for all the myth that any single diet approach works for every individual. As we have already seen, blood type is one of the most potent markers of biological individuality. So Blood Type Diet is truly individualized approach, harnessing your unique biochemical attributes, while avoiding pit falls. So a ‘one-size-fits-all diet’ can’t be a solution for everyone. In other word, the bottom line is that the best weight loss diet is an individualized nutritional approach.


Hence, if you eat right for your blood type, you will lose weight and you will feel good in the process, not deprived nor sick, not lethargic but as if a key clicked into the lock. You will experience an inner joy that you can’t explain. It is a diet for optimal health and performance. You Lose weight because your body is experiencing restoration of your body’s natural set point. This diet helps your body find and maintain its ideal weight for some, this means losing weight naturally for others, this may involve gaining or retaining muscle.


When you eat right for your blood type,  you feel better, your skin looks clearer, have better digestion and more efficient metabolism-less bloating after meals, more regularity, disappearance of heartburn, more energy; all happening simultaneously and we are losing weight.